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Urban pubic safety prevention system

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System overview:

With the construction of modern cities and rapid development of economy of various countries, the city scale is enlarging increasingly and the population is increasing continuously and the complexity of social environment is also increasing, which have brought more and more pressures to the urban safety, supervision and management. In order to guarantee the urban safety and national safety and public security etc., relevant departments are using or have used modern technology means to improve the level of technical prevention, strengthen public security supervision efficiency and push forward the construction of social public security system. In the places with complex public security, key positions, main streets, places with more criminal cases, important crossings, prosperous crossings, government intuitions and units, large residence communities and schools etc. of the cities are equipped with public security monitoring points with video as the focus and browse and record the images to make that relevant departments and institutions can know and master the public security dynamics of the monitored area more directly improve the level of social public security management and achieve the purpose and effect of social public security comprehensive supervision for the purpose of fighting against and preventing illegal and criminal activities.

According to the requirements of urban public social security monitoring, it is required to equip monitoring cameras (or the existing monitoring cameras installed in each area), alarm equipment and sound pickup etc. in the places with complex security, key positions, main streets, places with more illegal and criminal cases, import crossings, prosperous crossings, large residence communities, business center and places with sensitive public security and transmit the images via the optical fiber and make full use of existing optical fiber of lay special optical fiber to build a urban multi-level public image monitoring system networking platform and provide a channel to upload the images to relevant management departments and thus to realize public security management internal sharing mechanism of image resources.

System picture/site picture/appearance of main products:

District public security bureau monitoring center

Municipal public security bureau monitoring center

TV wall

Sub-bureau monitoring terminal


Control keyboard

Optical transmitter and receiver


Control line

Video line

Network cable

Optical cable

Public security special network

Police station monitoring center

Traffic police brigade monitoring center

Networking controller

Network video server

Digital video recorder

Video distributor


Outdoor camera

Outdoor dome camera

Outdoor semi-dome camera

Indoor dome camera

Public security dynamic monitoring area

Internal public security monitoring area

Community public security dynamic monitoring area

Large unit monitoring area

Road traffic monitoring area

Other monitoring areas

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