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Stimulative Thermal Power Simulation System

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Stimulative Thermal Power Simulation System

System Overview

It is a stimulative thermal power generation unit based on virtual DCS (including engineer's workroom simulation) and adopts virtual DPUs instead of real DCS hardware devices. It has the functions of control system configuration, graph configuration, communication software and virtual DPU. The system is designed strictly in accordance with DCS industry standard, so it can be widely used without being restrained by DCS products of any manufacturer. It is consistent with the actual system structurally, separating the control system model from the device model. DCS engineers can modify the control system configuration just as in the real system. Such virtual system can not only train the operating people, but also the thermal controlling people on DCS configuration, debugging and maintenance skills, and it also can analyze, study and test the control system. The overall technique of the system has reached the leading level in simulation technology field of domestic electric power system.

System Composition

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