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Security, Stability and Emergency Control System

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Security, Stability and Emergency Control System

SS5000 security, stability and emergency control system and its device are safe automation system which rapidly adopts necessary measures when emergencies happen to the power system due to big disturbance to maintain the system in continuous safe and stable operation and avoid the occurrence of large-scale power failure. The system consists of at least two stations, and the setting of the system is significant to system networking, remote high-capacity transmission, increasing line transmission power, saving transmission corridor and enhancing electric energy quality.

In the system, SS500 series device may realize the locally stable control under extreme emergency, such as low-frequency low-voltage deloading and synchronization loss and disconnection, etc., together ensuring the safe and stable operation of the power system. The real-time dynamic monitoring system of SS5500 power system and the substation system consisting of PMU device of SS550 series may provide the dispatching operating department with timely and accurate synchronized phasor and power angle information, realizing the real-time dynamic monitoring on the whole system.

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