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Security Monitoring Automation System for Dams

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Security Monitoring Automation System for Dams

SAC has also paid attention to the research in the measuring methods of the instruments while developing various security monitoring instruments. Based on the core principle of its patent of invention Straight Amplification Measuring Method for Multiple Power Supply System of Differential Resistance Sensors, SAC has independently developed and has complete intellectual property of FWC2000 security monitoring automation system, which has passed the appraisal from the relevant provincial department, reached international advanced level and is one of the most advanced security monitoring automation systems in the industry.

The system, which is composed by security monitoring center/branch center computer system, data acquisition device MCU, smart instrument that can be independent network node and communication network, realizes automatic acquisition from various monitoring instruments at the security monitoring site.

Integrated with data acquisition, information management and data analysis, the system is applicable to the security monitoring for various geotechnical engineering such as dam, side slope, tunnel, bridge, water supply engineering, subway, port and mine. Since its launch, the system has been successfully applied to many security monitoring projects such as Xinjiang Lintai Class I and Class II Hydropower Stations, Chongqing Liyutang Hydropower Station, Chongqing Shidi Hydropower Station, Anhui Meishan Reservoir, Hainan Gezhen Hydropower Station, Zhejiang Zhougongzhai Reservoir and Heilongjiang Hongxing Reservoir.

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