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School monitoring system

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System overview:

Students are disadvantage groups and the violence events occurring in recent years have raised a new requirement to the security management of school and the video monitoring system should not only record the event, but should also prevent the events from happening.

The school gate leads to the outside with large people stream, so high definition NCC-7260 positioned monitoring is combined with MOBOTIX Q24, which can both avoid blind spot and realize key monitoring and meanwhile a n alarm button is equipped in the guard room and start it when finding suspects or an emergency happens to notify the security office or public security networking for alarming.

The enclosure connected to the outside is also a key monitoring target. As the range of the enclosure is too wide to realize 24 hours’ continuous patrol for the security personnel, a necessary monitoring system is necessary; against this requirement, the linkage of alarm and video is adopted and standard definition network gun-type camera NCC-7250 is adopted for the positioned monitoring. The infrared detector is used for the defense and the linkage standard definition network dome camera NCC-7650 is used for the amplified monitoring to the place where the accident happens and meanwhile, the alarm signal can be sent to the watch room promptly.

Standard definition cameras NCC-7650 and NCC-7250 are adopted for the campus road monitoring to know the people and traffic streams in real time and the playground is subject to overall monitoring with MOBOTIX 180°camera D12.

The assembly hall and report hall of the school are monitored with MOBOTIX panoramic camera Q24.

System picture/site picture/appearance of main products:

Perimeter alarm

Network gun-type camera

Optical alarm

Network alarm host

Network dome camera

Emergency button


Gigabit switch

Hall and assembly hall

Gathering switch

Campus road monitoring

School playground

Core switch

Education special network

WEB server

Database server

Management server

Video forwarding server

Disk array

Large screen

Digital array


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