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PSWE Series WTGS Control System

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PSWE Series WTGS Control System

Depending on the successful design and application experience of Guodian Nanjing Automation in distributed control field, PSWE series WTGS main control system has been evolved in a new-generation control system special for WTGS with proprietary intellectual property right and optimized performance, and it can be applicable for asynchronous, double-feed, direct-drive and other types of turbines with a volume of 750KW-5MW.

The solution of WTGS control system includes: main control system, variable pitch system and converter system, and these three systems constitute as the control core of WTGS, so as to realize the control on power generation of units. Firstly, the solution will control the units to generate power meeting the grid demand according to wind resource and unit status to reduce the impact on grid as much as possible and ensure a stably-operated grid. Secondly, during power generation, it is required to ensure that each transmission system of unit can operate safely and stably, diagnose the related fault information and ensure the safe operation of unit itself. Finally, the solution will control the turbine load to mitigate the effect of load on the service life of unit as much as possible, and trace the maximum wind resource to make the unit operate under the best efficiency state as much as possible.

System Configuration

The main control system of PSWE WTGS can conduct an overall control on WTGS according to environment, equipment and grid state; adopt advanced control algorithm to realize the control on variable pitch system, yaw system, etc., and command the converting system to output steady and reliable power energy; and also ensure the normal operation and safety protection of turbine.

  • Control on basic operation function of turbine
  • Control on generation state of turbine
  • Control on safe shutdown of turbine
  • Control on yaw and cast loose
  • Control on hydraulic system
  • Control on variable pitch system
  • Control on converting system
  • Inspection on gearbox, motor and other operation mechanisms
  • Vibration inspection of equipments
  • Inspection on appliance system of turbine and data acquisition
  • Environmental control
  • Configuration of communication system and state monitoring
  • Statistics of generation indicator
  • Easy turbine simulation function
  • Multiple and independent protection strategies

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