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PSVR 100 Generator Excitation Regulation Equipment

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Product overview:
    As a new generation of generator excitation regulation equipment, PSVR 100 is developed by Guodian Nanjing Automation Co., LTD. and is applicable to hydropower or thermal power station of 10MW to 1000MW capacity unit.

Main Characteristics:
★ Strong data processing and memory capacity
    32-bit floating point microprocessor with double CPU core, large RAM and Flash memory, strong data memory and processing capacity, up to 8 fault records, up to 1000 event records, protection function for power interruption.
★ Innovative manager technique of excitation peripheral equipment
    The manager technique of excitation peripheral equipment realizes centralized management of peripheral components, site monitoring and signal preprocessing, and enhances the stability of CPU system.
★ Tracing and switching technique of multi-variables
    This technique realizes reliable tracing and switching between several controllers based on multi-variables including PID output, rotor voltage, rotor current and etc.,
★ Passive filtering technique
★ Real-time self-diagnosis of closed loop and multimode
★ Reliable fault tolerance technique
★ Graphic logic programmable technique
★ Background monitoring and wave recording of professional level

Main function configuration:
★ Regulation and control function
■ PID regulating rule for constant terminal voltage of generator
■ PID regulating rule for constant rotor current of generator
■ Reduce of exciter time constant by rotor voltage negative feedback
■ Additional control of power system stabilizer (PSS)
■ Linear optimal excitation regulating rule
■ Excitation build-up mode:
a) Voltage rising from zero
b) Soft excitation build-up (setting)
c) 100% rated voltage excitation build-up
d) System voltage tracing build-up
★ Limit and protection function
■ Detecting and protection for TV break
■ TV abnormity protection
■ Time delay limit and protection for over-flux(V/Hz)
■ Time delay limit and protection for over-excitation
■ Inverse time limit and protection for rotor over-current
■ Protection for constrained current operation time out
■ Time delay limit and protection for under-excitation
■ Instantaneous limit for over-current
■ Over-voltage protection of no load
■ Detecting and protection of synchronous phase(optional)
■ Exciting current limit for thyristor trouble(optional)
★ Operating mode
■ Constant terminal voltage of generator
■ Constant rotor current of generator
■ Constant reactive power of generator
■ Constant power factor of generator
■ Constant trigging angle of generator
★ Test functions
■ Digital output test
■ Digital input test
■ Communication test
■ Step response test
■ Rotor voltage negative feedback test
■ Constrained current operation test
■ Frequency spectrum characteristic test
★ GPS clock synchronization
Main technical parameters
★ Rated electric parameters
■ Rated AC input 220V, permissible error -15%~+15%
■ Rated DC input 220V, permissible error -20%~+20%
■ Watt consumption: single device
100W; the whole control cabinet300W
★ Circuit accuracy
■ AC current, voltage: ±0.2

■ Power, kilowatt: ±0.5

■ Temperature measuring: ±1℃
■ Frequency: ±0.01Hz
■ Phase: ±0.1º
■ Analog output: ±0.5

■ Resolving power of pulse control angle: 0.01 º
■ Resolving power of sequence events: 1ms
★ General technique index:
■ CPU speed: fixed point calculation peak value: 280MIPS; floating point calculation peak value: 100MFPS
■ Regulating speed of control calculation: 6 times per cycle (power frequency),(typical 3.33ms

■ Frequency measuring range: 35Hz~80Hz
■ Voltage adjusting range: 5%
■ Voltage adjusting accuracy: <0.5%
■ Phase shifting range: 0º
■ Error adjusting: reactive error adjusting can be set by software at will, accuracy ±0.01%
■ Frequency characteristic: change of terminal voltage of generator ≤ ±0.25% rated value corresponding  to 1% frequency change
■ Adjusting speed of setting value: ≤ 1% and ≥0.3% per second
■ Response time
a) Self-shunt excitation system:              Rising <0.08 sec.
                                       Dropping <0.15 sec.
b) Excitation system of AC exciter:     rising >2 times/sec.
c) Excitation system of high start response:   Rising <0.1 sec.
                                      Dropping <0.15 sec.
■ 10% step response test: overshoot < 20%, oscillation  number < 3, adjusting time < 5 sec.


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