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PSS660 Digital Automatic Quasi-synchronization Device

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Product Overview:
    PSS 660 digital automatic quasi-synchronization device, with its high reliability and advanced modular design concept, can meet requirement of various synchronization applications. PSS 660 digital automatic quasi-synchronization device mainly realizes transmission-line-like’s synchronization or generator-unit-like’s automatic quasi-synchronization of 1~16 objects (this number can be configured). PSS 660 is applicable to synchronization of generator or line in various situations.

Main characteristics:
    PSS 660 digital automatic quasi-synchronization device adopts the LCD of 320×240, and has the feature of main wiring diagram display and operation functions, realtime display of synchronization voltage phase chart, and friendly HMI. Each model of product is provided with an interface for PC debugging , in conjunction with Psview aided software pack supplied by our company, site debugging means have been greatly improved.
It has the following main characteristics:
High performance,« high reliability, modular design;
Synchronization main module adoptsn dual-machine structure , in which main CPU and backup CPU perform sampling and calculation at the same time;
 This device adopts PID regulation andn interval-trend-forecast algorithm, so that generator can quickly follow up system voltage and frequency, ensuring accurate closing at the first synchronization point and completion of synchronization operation;
 Devicen panel features operation buttons of Remote/Local, local object selection, and synchronization startup etc.
 On LCD, realtime phase chart can display notn only realtime phase difference of synchronization voltage, but also realtime voltage difference of synchronization voltage.
 Maintenance-free on site
 Friendly electric design, without regulated components onn device;
 Select and use high class and high qualityn components;
Excellent anti-interference character; no othern anti-interference module needed for assembly or switch cabinet;
 Perfectn self-diagnosis function.

Main functions:

 Supporting up to 16 synchronization objects, it can also be used as synchronization controller independently;
 Perfect fault recording function: the system supports voltage fault recording at the time of synchronization, and fault record graphic display on LCD, to facilitate querying and verification;
  Synchronization system wiring diagram can be displayed, reflecting system wiring and circuit breaker status in a straightforward manner, capable of selection of synchronization objects on graphic interface, and featuring functions of graphic editing and download.

Main technical performances:
 Digital signals
n selection inputs: idle contact inputs. Pulse mode or level mode.
n with LowVolt/TV Break: idle contact inputs. Enable input signal with Low-voltage must be holded on until “startup” signal is available.
     Startup: idle
n contact input, closing time ≥1s.
     Breaker position input: idle contact
n input, measuring the breaker operating time precisely.
     Power supply for
n digital input signal: 220V or 110V.
Supporting GPS access: sec. impulse,
n min. impulse, etc.
AC overload capacity
AC voltage circuit: 1.4x rated voltage, continuous operating
        2x rated voltage, operating 10s
Output contact capacity
Relay contact output for all output signals
    Making capacity (without arc breaking): 8A 250V AC, 8A 250V DC
    Switching capacity: 8A 250V AC, 8A 30V DC

Analog measuring range:
   AC voltage: 0V
   Frequency: 40Hz
   Precision of analog
« circuit
   Precision of AC voltage measuring : ≤1% Un;
   Frequency: ≤0.01Hz

Maximum permitted frequency difference : Δf≤0.5Hz,
« adjustable.
Maximum permitted voltage difference : │ΔU│≤15% Us,
« adjustable.
Synchronization error:
When frequency difference ≤0.5Hz, closing phase angle is ≤1°;
Frequency modulation pulse width error:
Voltage regulation pulse width error:
Resolution of the sequence of event (SOE
: ≤2ms
Ambient temperature:
   Operation: 55;
Relative humidity:
« 5%95%
Atmospheric pressure: 66kPa


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