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PS690U Series Digital Protection and Measurement Device

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Product overview:

PS690U Series digital relay Protection and Measurement device are consisted of the line protection, the transformer protection, the motor protection, the TV protection, the capacitor protection, the reactor protection, the automatic transfer equipment and the monitoring devices. It is mainly suitable to the station service power system’s protection and also to substation with voltage class of 110kV or below and substation in industrial and mining enterprises. Functions of protection, monitoring and communication are integrated into a whole by high performance 32-bit CPU, applicable for use with power plant electrical automation system or substation integrated automation system. The device can be installed in group panel and centralized way and also directly installed on the switch cabinet for decentralized control.

Main Characteristics:
1. High speed processor, 200MHz
² primary frequency, rich built-in resources, simple peripheral circuit design. Sufficient hardware resources, 4M bytes Flash Memory, 8M bytes SDRAM.
2. USB
² interface, able to directly upgrade device procedure and access action information and fault recording data by memory stick.
3. Measure three phase
² current and zero-sequence current, three phase or line voltage, active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency, active electric quantity, reactive electric quantity.
4. 4
20mA direct current analog output.²
5. 14-way digital
² interface with self-define name.
6. The outlet of protection elements can be
² set by trip matrix.
7. With operation loop, self-adapting to 0.5A~5A tripping
² and closing current.
8. GPS time calibration is in the way of pulse per
² minute, pulse per second and IRIG-B.
9. Motor’s differential protection
² provides criterion for preventing motor startup or preventing TA saturation during external fault casing misoperation of differential protection.
10. Effective, reliable PT line breaking criterion, which can
² effectively prevent misoperation of motor’s low voltage elements.
11. Two 100M
² Ethernet communication interface, one RS485 communication interface, supported by IEC60870-5-103, Modbus, etc protocols.
12. 9 fault wave record. 2 motor
² startup wave record. The wave record is in standard Comtrade.
1000 event
² records, 200 latest fail holds.
13. Graphic programming technology is
² used.
14. Low static power consumption of whole unit(about 6W).
15. High
² interference free performance
16. Ambient temperature: -25

Main technical parameters:
 Power supply:
DC rated voltage: 220V or 110V;
Allowable deviation: -20%
Ripple ratio: no less than 5%.
 Rated current and voltage:
AC current: 5A or 1A;
AC voltage:
 Precise working range:
Current: 0.04IN
Voltage: 1V
Frequency: 45Hz
 Accuracy of measurement:
Current, voltage: Class 0.2;
Power: Class 0.5;
4-20mA DC output interface: Class 0.2;
 Fixed value error:
Setting value error: no more than ±2%;
Action time error: time delay for setting +40mS.
Temperature deviation: no more than ±2.5% within the allowable ambient temperature
Integrated error: no less than ±5%.
 Contact rating:
Tripping current and closing current of operation loop: 0.5A~5A self-adapting
Idle contact for tripping: 10A;
Idle contact for signal: 2A.
 Ambient condition:
Ambient temperature: -20
Relative humidity: 5
Atmospheric pressure: 66kPa
 Power consumption:
AC current loop: when IN=5A, each phase is no more than 1VA; when IN=1A, each phase is no more than 0.5VA.
AC voltage loop: each phase is no more than 1VA under rated voltage.
DC power loop: no more than 8W under normal working condition; no more than 15W under device action.
 Overload capability:
AC voltage loop: continuously work under twice of rated current; 10s is allowed under ten times of rated current; 1s is allowed under 40 times of rated current;
AC voltage loop: continuously work under 1.4 times of rated voltage.
 High reliability
Passed 11 anti-interference test such as national fast transient, static discharge and so on made by national EMC lab.

Function Configuration:

Equipment Model

Function Configuration

Applicable Scope

PSL 691U

Line Protection and Measurement device

Three-phase over-current protection (can be initiated by mixed voltage and with orientation)/three-phase zero sequence over-current protection (with orientation)/overload protection/reclose/  manually close in synchronous check/post acceleration protection/ low-frequency load reduction/line selection for small current grounding system/measurement

Lines with voltage class of 66kV or below

PSL 691U(S)

Line Protection and Measurement device

Three-phase mixed voltage over-current protection/zero sequence over-current protection/ overload protection/ post acceleration protection/4-20Ma output/measurement

plant inlet wire, bus coupling switch

PST 691U

Transformer differential protection device

Differential protection/differential fast tripping protection/differential current over setting alarm/TA line breaking criterion

transformer of 110kV or below, voltage class capacity of 6300kVA or above


Transformer non-electricity protection device

Transformer non-electricity protection/independent control loop

PST 692U

Transformer back-up Protection and Measurement device

Mixed voltage locking (orientation) over-current protection/zero sequence over-current protection/gap zero sequence current protection/zero sequence voltage protection/overload protection/ventilation/locking on-load voltage regulation/measurement

PST 693U

Transformer Protection and Measurement device

Three-phase mixed voltage over-current protection/inverse time lag over-current protection/two-phase constant time lag negative sequence over-current protection/constant time lag zero sequence over-current protection at high voltage side/ constant time lag zero sequence over-current protection at low voltage side/ reverse time lag zero sequence over-current protection at low voltage side/overload protection/over-voltage protection/low voltage protection/non-electricity protection/FC blocking/4-20mA output/measurement

Plant transformer, substation transformer and grounding transformer of 2000kVA

PSC 691U

Capacitor Protection and Measurement device

Current fast tripping protection/over-current protection/over-voltage protection/low voltage protection/zero sequence over-current protection/ unbalance neutral current protection/ unbalance neutral voltage protection/measurement

Parallel capacitor block


Capacitor differential protection device

6-way differential voltage protection/3-way differential current protection or/9-way differential voltage protection/3-way remote switch/9-way fault record/14-way switch value acquisition/ GPS time calibration

PSR 691U

Reactor (cable) differential protection device

Differential protection/ differential fast tripping protection/ Three-phase mixed voltage over-current protection/zero sequence over-current protection/overload protection/ measurement

Series reactor, cable line

PSP 691U(A/D)

Back-up power automatic switch device

Bus coupling standby automatic switch/ plant power automatic switch

Standby power automatic switch

PSV 691U

TV Protection and Measurement device

Two-phase low voltage protection/bus insulation protection/measurement

TV cabinet of 35kV or below

PSM 692U

Motor integrated Protection and Measurement device

Current fast tripping protection/ constant time lag negative sequence over-current protection/reverse time lag negative sequence over-current protection/overheat protection/rotation-clogging protection/single phase grounding protection/low voltage protection/overload protection/non-electricity protection/FC blocking/4-20mA / measurement

asynchronous motor of below 2000kW

PSM 691U

Motor differential and integrated protection device

Differential protection+integrated protection+measurement

asynchronous motor of 2000kW or above

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