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PS6000+ Smart Substation Automation System

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PS6000+ Smart Substation Automation System

SAC is a leading enterprise which is engaged in smart substation technology research and equipment manufacturing in the country, with products covering smart substation protection, monitoring system, smart primary equipment, equipment status monitoring equipment, etc., provided with rich experience on R&D, manufacturing and project implementation. Meanwhile, it is a member of National Transformer Standardization Committee and IEC 61850 Standardization Committee.

According to technical requirements of domestic smart grid construction, SAC actively develops the application research and implementation of smart substation technology, bringing out the smart solution applicable to substation with voltage of 35kV~750kV, and currently, dozens of smart substation automation system have been put into operation.

PS 6000+ is an smart substation automation system developed by SAC, which adopts advanced IEC 61850, IEC 61970 and other international standards. Based on advanced computer software and hardware, autocontrol, transformer and optical fiber network communication technology, it combines electronic transformer, merging unit, smart terminal, PS series protection, measurement and control, telecontrol communicator, online monitoring system and substation security system through network to form a strong and reliable "three-layer-two-network" smart substation, satisfying the requirements of system security, stability and efficient operation.

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