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Project of Zero Wastewater Discharge from Power Plant

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Project of Zero Wastewater Discharge from Power Plant

The project of zero wastewater discharge from thermal power plant is system engineering. The cross use and inter-coordination of various water treatment technologies applied in the system engineering are the key to realize the project. The processing scheme of the project varies as the location of the thermal power plant differs due to different water quality and system settings. The wastewater treatment systems that SAC has currently put emphasize in R&D and promotion are:

  • Circulating cooling water highly enriched multiplying power treatment system
  • Industrial wastewater treatment system
  • Flue gas desulphurization wastewater treatment system
  • Coaly wastewater treatment system
  • Oily wastewater treatment system
  • Ash ejecting wastewater treatment system
  • Domestic sewage treatment system
  • Water business administrative system

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