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Programmable Control System for Auxiliary Equipment of Thermal Power Plant

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Programmable Control System for Auxiliary Equipment of Thermal Power Plant

Programmable control system for auxiliary equipment of thermal power plant consists of coal conveyance system, fuel pump room, dust and slag removal system, boiler makeup water and ultra filtration and reverse osmosis system. It can be flexibly set according to different needs of the users. Normal working is the key guarantee to the security and economic operation of the unit and even the whole power plant.

So far, the operation and management levels of large thermal power generation unit are continuously improving. Distributed control system (DCS) and programmable logic controller (PLC) have achieved good results in their application in power plants by virtue of their reliability, high efficiency and convenience. Their high reliability, abundant control functions and simplification of operating bring lots of convenience to downsize redundant staff and improve efficiency.

The NKS6000 network centralized monitoring system of power plant auxiliary workshop is a network monitoring system integrating DCS or PLC, industrial control computer and system monitoring software with the function of realizing the centralized control of the power plant auxiliary workshop (chemical water, coal conveyance, dust removal) and developing a new way of development for power plants in the 21st century. This system can be used in water, coal, and dust control system of thermal power plants and programmable control system of other auxiliary devices. It is also applicable to the workshops network centralized monitoring system in other industries.

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