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Process Control System Solutions for Water Suppliers and Sewage Treatment Plants

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Process Control System Solutions for Water Suppliers and Sewage Treatment Plants

Brief Introduction

Wide range, various equipments, complex operating mode characterize the power plant chemical water treatment system. As an important part of the auxiliary systems, its proper operation can guarantee the safe operation of the whole set of equipment.

NKS2000 power plant water treatment process control system aims at automatic monitoring and program control of furnace water supply treatment system, anti-seepage and desalting system, condensation water treatment system, clean water and waste water treatment system, and water circulation system. The process control system can also be applied to water treatment system, urban water supply system and sewage or waste water treatment system of other fields.

The process control system is made up of a host computer, a PLC, a field instrument and a transmission, an electromagnetic valve box, and an in-place operation box. It features reliable performance, strong anti-interference ability, flexible control and openness.

Main Characteristics:

  1. Remote automatic control of the total system by PLC and interlock protection.
  2. Automatic control of commissioning and regenerating of anode, cathode and mixed beds.
  3. In case of failure of any bed, periodic water output meeting demand, or water output detecting instrument exceeding limits, break-up operation, automatic input for regeneration program, and automatic or semi-automatic operation of another bed can be applied.
  4. Automatic acid or soda feeding and automatic acid or soda addition.
  5. Process control settings of step by step operation and grouping operation satisfy the functions of step by step, step delay and jump step.
  6. Host computer displays the time and name of currently running step. Time of step and instrument parameters can be modified manually.
  7. There is a host computer for the engineer who can do programming and configuring online.
  8. Host computer’s real-time display of process variables and state variables in the process of water treatment.
  9. Realization of signal (analog quantity, switching value) gathering, treatment, alarming and display and report forms automatic generation.
  10. If necessary, you can add an interface server, which can perform one-way transmission of real-time data to MIS or DCS system.

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