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Power monitoring system

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System, overview:

In today’s rapid development of economy, the power industry plays a vital role and to guarantee the normal operation of power system is to guarantee the development of economy and it is an urgent problems to be solved to establish a high-efficiency video monitoring system.

The enclosure connected to the outside is a key monitoring target. As it is unable to arrange security personnel to patrol incessantly for 24 hours, necessary monitoring system is necessary. Against this requirement, it is required to adopt positioned and linkage methods for combined monitoring; in the positioned monitoring, gun-type camera NCC-7250 is adopted and infrared alarm is adopted for the linkage monitoring. The linkage network dome camera NCC-7650 carries out amplifying monitoring to the place where the accident happens and meanwhile the watch room can receive the alarm and treat the emergency promptly. The watch room can start the emergency button according to the severity of the accident to connect the public security work for alarming.

As the working area of the main control substation is in the high-voltage area, MOBOTIX 180° camera D12 can be used for the monitoring of wide range and high-zoom dome camera can be sued to amplify the monitoring partially.

In the main station watch room and control room, MOBOTIX 360° camera Q24 adopted for around-view monitoring to master the workers’ production and equipment operation information promptly.

In the unmanned substation, NCC-7650 and NCC-7250 are adopted to monitor the tripping and closing of the isolator aw well as the data of instruments.

The monitoring center is provided with management server OSH5100 and forwarding server OSH4100 to mange the users’ identification authentication by level and distribute the video stream to reduce the network load.

The system is of two-level storage mechanism with combination of local storage and central storage. In the local storage, DSH-600 host is adopted for video recording 24 hours continuously and in the central storage, the important places are subject to video recording for 24 hours continuously and other places are subject to video recording at interval selectively.

The network camera and network alarm host in the system are both connected to the power LAN and each substation is equipped with a monitoring center with NVR as the monitoring equipment of the monitoring center and the network is connected with gigabit switch and optical fiber or existing network structure of the power company but sufficient bandwidth should be guaranteed. The central computer room is equipped with stream media management server, forwarding server, database server, storage server, digital matrix and screen wall.

System picture/site picture/ appearance of main products:

Substation guarding remote supervisory and control

Network gun-type camera

Optical alarm

Network dome camera

Infrared detector

Network alarm host

Emergency button

Gigabit switch

Network semi-dome

Watching room

Substation working area

Unmanned substation

Network infrared semi-dome

Network infrared gun-type camera

Power optical fiber special network

Dispatching center

Disk array

Storage server

Core switch

WEB server

Database server

Management server

Digital matrix

Video forwarding server

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