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Online Monitoring System for Electrical Equipment Status

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Online Monitoring System for Electrical Equipment Status

NS8000 online monitoring and fault diagnosis system for electrical equipment status provides electric consumers with a modeling online monitoring and diagnosis scheme facing transformer, breaker (including GIS), capacitive equipment and various primary equipments; and professional analysis tools for different professional emphasis of monitoring such as oil chromatography, partial discharge, SF6 gas features, mechanical features of breaker/contactor, which provide continuous real-time monitoring means for working position of various power transmission and distribution equipments in substation and power plant and are integrated products for running status monitoring, fault diagnosis and status appraisal of primary equipment of power system.

NS8000 online monitoring system is established based on the information integration platform of substation, and closely track the latest trend of automation application technology of current substation; the system is design uniformly from process layer, spacer layer to substation control layer, fully considering the development trend of diversified data source, diversified data type and standardized communication technology and providing a objectified monitoring on panorama data for primary equipment and reliable technical means for status appraisal and status overhaul of equipment.

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