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MaxDNA Distributed Control System

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MaxDNA Distributed Control System

MaxDNA Distributed Control System (MaxDNA DCS system) is a fully integrated control system designed for global power industry and other important process applications. MaxDNA DCS System consists of a modern Windows XP-based human-machine interface maxVUE, maxTools which is commonly regarded as the design tool for Swiss army knife and maxVUE editor program, which can be used to maintain and extend the system database and operator's interface. These systems are connected to the Distributed Process Unit (DPU) and maxPAC I/O system, which have been strictly verified and tested in the practice, providing consistent and reliable services to our over 1000 clients and plants over the world.

MaxDNA DCS System and the globally leading Direct Energy Balance Control Strategy (DEB400) established our leading position in the process control industry. Our main clients are mainly from the global energy industry, pulping and papermaking industry, petroleum and chemical engineering industry, energy and environmental protection industry, etc.

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