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Home >>Introduction of the real-time monitoring system in the production and business management for Power group and branch companies

Introduction of the real-time monitoring system in the production and business management for Power group and branch companies

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1.      Overview

The real-time monitoring system can improve power production management level, reduce the production cost and improve the efficiency of management, to deal with increasingly fierce competition in the power market.

The system is divided into group side and power plant side:

The system from the power plant side can collect data from the control system of all the power plants, monitor and analyze the state of operating unit , so as to achieve the purpose of saving energy and reducing consumption;

The system from the group side can collect and save date from real-time database of the subsidiary plants, monitor and control the state of the units in the plant to achieve safety production. The system Improve the level and the efficiency of management, and provide production management decision for leadership.

2. Characteristics

The system is based on Windows system operation platform. The VC++, are used as main development language with the And the system can support interface of OPC, TCP/IP, UDP, MODBUS, etc for DCS and auxiliary control system of a power plant. The system has the advanced application function module for production. The industrial real-time database, PIeDNA, iHistorian, etc used in the system is remarkable and reliable. The network structure configuration is advanced, safe and stable. In order to meet the needs of the users of different levels, the system can support the B/S, C/S, API and so on many kinds of access method.


3 Main functions

3.1Functions of Group side

3.1.1  Notice

Based on the real-time data, stop of the unit, equipment failure and such important information will be automatic or artificial displayed in the notice of the public announcement;

3.1.2  Real-time monitoring of production

The system can real-time monitor the situation of the power plant production of the whole group and each branch through the production process picture, trend curve, the argument list, comprehensive statement and many kinds of ways,

3.1.3  Alerts

The system can dynamic display real-time operation list, and give color change, flashing, short message, sound and so on many kinds of alerts if the main parameters of the unit changed abnormal.

3.1.4  Analysis of production

  The system can give functions of the reliability analysisoverrun statistic, performance calculation, consumption analysis and process playback.

3.1.5        Report system

Report system has the function of the second statistics, can change the report tables from subsidiary plants into the format for group company.

3.1.6        Integration with portal web

According to the customer request, the system can be seamlessly connected with the customer portal system.

3.1.7        Production scheduling

Production scheduling module based on real-time/relations data, according to the customer set judgment elements, can optimize the allocation load, to reduce the overall energy consumption, so that the best profit can be obtained.

3.1.8        Analysis and aided decision

According to the electric power market rules and electric power market information, the system can analyze market trends, predict the future market price,

3.1.9        Evaluation for production

The system can be used for the operation of the subsidiary power plant statistics, assessment, and standard management.


3.2 Functions of power plant side

3.2.1   Real-time monitoring of production

The system can supply real-time monitoring to all the production process through monitoring pictures. The boiler, turbine and generator and the auxiliary workshop of the control system can be monitored.

3.2.2        Analysis of production

  The system can give functions of the reliability analysisoverrun statistic, performance calculation, consumption analysis and process playback, load scheduling analysis, etc.

3.2.3        Alerts

Alerts management module dealing with the large parameters alarm information, can focus on the alert of major operation parameters, given priority reason, and show bad point, high and low limits, the current real valve, the best value, etc. Different classification display can be supplied.

3.2.4        Evaluation for production

Evaluation module can supply assessment to the key parameters of operation indicators: pressure and temperature of the main steam, temperature and pressure of reheater and vacuum of condenser by shifts.

3.2.5        Consumption Analysis

Consumption analysis module is used to determine the effect of the main operation parameters to consumption. The module analyzes the reasons of the deviation and gives the corresponding operation instruction.

3.2.6        Thermal experiment

Thermal experiment module can be used to online boiler performance, steam turbine performance, condenser performance, air leakage rate of preheater test experiment, vacuum test, and the module can automatically generate performance test report. Operators and managers can check test reports anytime.

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