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Independent Solar PV Power Generation System

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Independent Solar PV Power Generation System

Constituents of System

  • Power system: solar module and battery;
  • Control and protection system: controller and PV inverter;
  • System terminal (load);
  • Electric equipments of users.

Realizing the social and economic benefit brought by solar PV power generation

If we utilize the clean and renewable natural energy solar energy for power generation, rather than consume the nonrenewable and limited carbonic petrifaction energy, there will be no greenhouse gas and pollutant emitted during utilization, which is harmonious with ecological environment and meets the sustainable development strategy of economic society.

The power generated is feed into grid, and the grid is regarded as energy storing device; the battery can be saved, and the construction investment can be reduced by 35%-45% compared to that of independent solar PV system, so as to greatly reduce the power generation cost. Besides, it can also save the battery, improve the average no fault time of system and reduce secondary pollution of battery.

The perfect combination of PV module and building can be used for power generation, building materials and decoration materials, thus the material resource can be fully utilized to exert many functions, which can not only be good for reducing the building cost, but also improve the thermal insulation property of building and save energy, as well as increase the scientific content and “selling points” of building.

The distributed construction can locally distribute and power generation and supply, and it is flexible to be available for grid, which can not only be good for increasing the capacity of electric system again war and disaster, but also be good for improving the load and balance of electric system and reduce the line loss.

It can also conduct pitch peak. The networking solar PV system is the hot point and key point developed by the developed countries in the world in PV application field, and it is also a mainstream development trend of solar PV power generation in the world.

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