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Hospital monitoring system

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System overview:

Medical institute is an important service industry and it has a high requirement on the diversification and specialty of video monitoring and in different places, it is required to use different monitoring equipments to realize its function, according to the requirements, the following designs are conducted:

In general function departments, standard definition network dome camera NCC-7650 and infrared standard definition semi-dome NCC-7350- are used as hidden hazard prevention equipment.

Network dome camera NCC-7660 is adopted in the high-risk wards, in addition to high-definition video image, detection alarm functions are also required to detect the abnormal actions of patients and meanwhile it is required to provide network alarm point and voice interphone and the seriously sick patients can start the emergency alarm and voice interphone to notify doctors and nurses. To combine equipment detection and active informing can prevent the emergency from happening maximally.

The operating room is the most important place in a hospital and effective video monitoring to it has a special significance and it is required to record the operating process objectively. General cameras are not suitable for the environment in the operating room and from the aspects of beauty, safety and clearness, it is considered to adopt MOBOTIX panoramic camera Q24. With low current, dust and explosion prevention and high definition, it is fully suitable for the broad place like hospital hall and garden. In order to avoid causing psychological pressure to the patients, it is not appropriate to install numerous cameras and adopting MOBITIX Q24 and D12 can reduce the number of numerous cameras to reach the effect of beauty and safety and meeting the monitoring requirements; the monitoring center is equipped with management server OSH5100 and forwarding server OSH4100 to manage the users’ identification authentication by level and distribute the video stream to reduce the network load. The central computer room is equipped with stream media management server, forwarding server, database server, storage server, digital matrix and screen wall.

System picture/site picture/appearance of main products:

High-risk ward

Inpatient department

Network gun-type camera

Optical alarm

Network alarm host

Network dome camera

Emergency button

Network semi-dome

Core switch

Gigabit switch

Hospital administration building

Hospital hall and square

Monitoring center

Disk array

Storage server

WEB server

Database server

Large screen

Digital array


Video forwarding server

Management server

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