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HNS2000 Automatic Monitoring System for Water Environment

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HNS2000 Automatic Monitoring System for Water Environment

With the quick development of Chinese economy, the emission load of industrial and agricultural sewage increases year by year; in recent years, the emission load of national sewage is up to 60 billion ton, most of which are directly discharged into rivers and lakes without being treated. In more than 700 rivers in China, appropriately 50 reaches are terribly polluted. The water pollution seriously results in pollution induced water shortage, and the total domestic water resource continuously decreases due to pollution in water source of rivers and lakes.


Construction scope of automatic monitoring system for water environment

  • Integration of each unit and installation and debugging of equipments in monitoring station;
  • Development, installation and debugging of central station;
  • Integration debugging of automatic monitoring system for water environment;
  • R&D on senior application software such as water quality level analysis

Features of automatic system of hydrological data acquisition and transmission

  • Cabinet design, and convenient site installation;
  • Environment-friendly algae removal method, no pollution to environment;
  • Configuration realization of system process and system function;
  • Perfect self-diagnosis and self-recovery function;
  • Real-time monitoring on system process and status;
  • All-around automatic alarm;
  • Tooling of system platform, and configuration of function;
  • Standardization and configuration of information interaction;
  • Performance framework for redundancy design of software and hardware;
  • Under special situation, the system encrypts to collect water sample.

Solution of Automatic Motoring System of Water Environment

HNS2000 Automatic Monitoring System of Water Environment is to monitor the overall indicators of water environment pollution and some special items, on the basis of which, monitoring stations with continuous automatic monitoring function in appointed water areas are built and controlled by the remote center station, to monitor the water quality condition within the areas in an all-round and all-weather way and realize real-time automatic collection and processing of water quality data, real-time alarm, data transmission, online analysis, decision support and other functions. As a support for decision-making of water environment protection and water resource dispatching, it is applicable to the water quality monitoring of surface water of rivers, lakes and reservoirs, waterworks and sewage treatment plant.

The monitoring station consists of water collection unit, pretreatment unit, analysis unit, control unit, communication unit, auxiliary unit, etc. It can realize full-process automation of source water collection, water sample analysis, data storage, data transmission, pipe cleaning, etc.

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