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High-voltage Variable Frequency Speed Control System

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High-voltage Variable Frequency Speed Control System

ASD 6000S high-voltage and large-power variable frequency speed control system series can be applied to power conversion devices whose speed is regulated by a three-phase AC asynchronous motor which has a voltage class of 6000V. It adopts several power modules in series and combines the output of several low-voltage power modules to get a high-voltage output. It has technical features like high reliability, friendly user interface, well-established security system and easy maintenance. It can be widely used in the revolving speed control of medium-and-high-voltage and large-power generation units in industrial sectors like electricity, municipal department, metallurgy and minerals and chemical industry. As a replacement of traditional wind deflectors and throttling valves, it enjoys the features that the quantity of wind or flow can be controlled timely according to size of load to greatly increase the energy-saving effect. At the same time, improving intellectualization level of the system can adjust and improve operating environment, smooth acceleration and deceleration, reduce impulse current in the process of starting the unit and extend life of the unit. The energy-saving rate on operation is between 30% and 50%, which is a remarkable effect.

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