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Energy Consumption Monitoring Platform System

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Energy Consumption Monitoring Platform System

The energy consumption monitoring platform system is a high efficient scientific and comprehensive energy supervision, decision-making and analysis platform established through advanced network, intelligent sensing component, digital and information technology and with real-time database system as the core; it acquires each level of energy consumption data comprehensively to effectively provide original data for enterprises and state energy monitoring institutions and it mines the data through the industrial digital model to realize energy consumption supervision and explore the optimal energy conservation routine. It provides a comprehensive and scientific energy monitoring, decision-making and analysis platform solution from information planning to local energy monitoring technology, from individual enterprise energy consumption to group enterprises energy consumption and from enterprises energy supervision departments to state supervision departments to organically combine the enterprise energy conservation and emission reduction and deeply mine the fundamental problem of energy consumption and thus to provide a possibility and advance to help energy monitoring departments explore the optimal energy conservation routine.


Energy monitoring platform system is a continuously optimized analysis platform relying on the concept of energy internet of things and based on quantitative management and the platform is composed of calculation engine, front-end acquisition equipment and background expert team, with calculation engine being the core, acquisition technology the base, operation optimization the nature and intelligent control the key and it aims at providing a comprehensive building energy efficiency planning, system solution and continuously optimized throughout and special services for customers. Energy consumption monitoring platform system can display the operation conditions of all energy consumption equipments in the buildings centrally and dynamically and gives energy consumption strategies of system operation through modeling analysis in the optimization and analysis platform and it can also make the energy consumption system operate according to the optimization strategies, which both saves energy and is convenient for management.

On the basis of optimization and quantification, energy consumption monitoring platform system does not reject the adoption of other partial energy conservation technologies and after operation optimization, it evaluates the comprehensive benefit of other technologies like frequency conservation, pipeline reconstruction, ground-source heat pump and other energy collection technologies which can avoid the decision-making dilemma in adopting a single technology and it optimizes the investment and improves the output in the concept of financial revenue, which will clearly show that the execution of energy conservation technology with not great revenue of partial reconstruction should be postponed.

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