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DSC-9000 Integrated Supervisory Control System (ISCS)

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DSC-9000 Integrated Supervisory Control System (ISCS)

SAC Integrated Supervisory Control System is a large software specially developed for control profession of domestic railway & track traffic and it fully meets the functional requirements of integrated supervisory control system and can realize the integration and interconnection functions required for subway/light rail supervisory and control, including the deep integration to subsystems like PSCADA, BAS, FAS and ACS, interface integration to PSD, AFC, PA, CCTV and PIS and interconnection to the integrated warning of ATS, CLK and communication profession and the integration and interconnection methods of the above subsystems can be customized according to the users’ demands. With expandable design philosophy targeted at all targets, the system is a real layered distribution system of structure and function; the software modules can be used immediately after inserted, the software functions can be distributed in the machine nodes with different places and different hardware and any working station can access the data transparently and carry out various human-machine interface operations with the allowable limit.

Main Characteristics

  1. Module structure design.
  2. Distributive data processing.
  3. Large-capacity and high-speed real-time database and historical database.
  4. Strong and high-efficiency data processing capacity.
  5. With simple and flexible system configuration capacity, it can customize user data, operation interface, statistical analysis and provide universal, friendly and beautiful HMI.
  6. With integration capacity to manufacturer products with different subsystems (protocol, data and working mode etc.).
  7. With mature and stable software system core frame and completion of customizing functional modules and module expansion are allowed on this basis.
  8. With extremely strong adaptability to the development demands of station, line and network expansions of subway.
  9. With universal hardware and standard software.

The integrated supervisory control software is of the design principles of layering, distribution, high reliability, high safety and high real time, which guarantees the high-efficiency and stable operation of the core and it is the best solution to the control of urban railway & track traffic.


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