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Comprehensive Automation System of NDT 650 Traction Substation

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Comprehensive Automation System of NDT 650 Traction Substation

The comprehensive automation system developed and produced by SAC integrates protection, measuring, control and RTU etc., which provides a solution for the realization of full automation of traction substation, section and open-close substation of electric traction power supply system of electric railway.

The comprehensive automation system of NDT 650 traction substation was put into operation first in China in 2001, which pioneered the comprehensive automation system of railway traction power supply substation in China.

In august 2008, this system passed the quality inspection of national approved laboratories (Quality Inspection & Test Center of Power Industry for Automation Equipment of the Ministry of Power Industry and EMC Laboratory for Automation Equipment of State Power Corporation).

In October 2002, this system passed the identification of State Power Corporation in Beijing and obtained the identification conclusion that “this system reaches the international advanced level” made by technical experts of the State Power Corporation and the Ministry of Railway.

From August 2001, this system has been put into operation in more than 10 traction substations of Guiyang-Kunming Railway, Xiaonanhai-Guiyang Railway, Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan Railway and China Academy of Railway Sciences Test Rings and up to now, the whole system has been stable in operation and the site reaction is good.

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