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Broadband Multi-media Image Monitoring System

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Broadband Multi-media Image Monitoring System

System Overview

The TCS2000 broadband multi-media image monitoring system developed by SAC is a new type broadband network monitoring system differs from traditional industrial television monitoring system. By integrating the advanced technologies of computer industry, communication industry, transmission medium industry, and electronic industry, and adopting the advanced technology of transmitting real-time images via broadband network, the system is able to transmit clear images to the monitoring center under harsh production environment without being interfered.

With the system, the images, sounds and alerting signals of the production site can be transmitted to the monitoring center in the way of real-time and long-distance transmission via the network, and then be uploaded to the internet and local area network via the monitoring center. By means of the remote monitoring and control of site images, the rotation of camera cradle head, and the adjustable focal length, focusing and aperture of the lens, the remote monitoring can reflect the situation of the site in an all-round way.

System composition

The system consists of the front part (Camera, camera lens, decoder, electric cradle head, camera shield, camera supports, etc.), the middle part (Signal processing equipment, signal transmission equipment, cable, etc.), and the end part (Image monitoring workstation, video recorder, monitor, etc.).

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