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Box Transformer of WTGS

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Box Transformer of WTGS

YBF series wind power transformer is a kind of special equipment which boosts 0.6-0.69kV voltage sent from WTGS to 10KV and then outputs it in grid-connection, and it is also a new product tailored for wind power generation that Guodian Nanjing Automation learns from mature experience and technology of foreign wind power generation and combines it with actual application and demand of domestic wind power generation. The appropriate product launch of Guodian Nanjing Automation conforms to the increasingly growing domestic market demand, and this new product is a perfect supportive product of WTGS.

The transformer, load switch and high-pressure fusion tube of this product are installed in the box of transformer, and the insulation liquid of transformer is used as the insulation medium of whole product. This product has small volume, light weight, convenient installation and other advantages.

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