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Korolev, the CEO of Cintas Visited Our Company 2012-04-24

On Feb. 17th, Korolev, the CEO of Cintas along with others visited our company. Chen Lidong, the general manager, Yan Pin and Zhang Yancang, the deputy general managers warmly received them.

Chen Lidong gave a brief introduction of SAC and the advantages we posses in the fields, such as power plant, track traffic, new energy, etc. He felt very confident on SAC's products entering the Russian market. Chen Lidong stated that SAC will make full use of our advantages in science & technology and products, and jointly explore Russian energy market with Cintas.

Korolev spoke highly of the brand image and scientific research strength of SAC, and claimed that China-Russia cooperation of energy market is potentially huge, and SAC was welcomed to enter Russian energy industry. He hoped that both sides can enhance the cooperation and achieve joint progress and win-win situation.

Both sides made a further discussion about the matters concerning the products and technologies after entering Russian market and made elaborate plan of further cooperation.

Korolev and the others visited Pukou Science & Technology Park. Yan Pin, the deputy general manager, introduced our company's market allocation and the achievements of the three industries, i.e. power automation, new energy & energy-saving and emission-reduction, and smart primary equipment. He also introduced our company's brilliant 72-year development history and the future development plan.

The leaders of our company accompanied them to visit.