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"Plasma igniting low reactivity pulverized coal technology" project has passed acceptance test by China Huadian Group 2014-03-13


On March 4, China HuaDian Group hold on an acceptance conference about the project  "plasma igniting low reactivity pulverized coal technology"  from SAC, The assessment team was consisted of 11 experts, 14 leaders and guests of associate organization, which listened to  the research team the execution, the instruction of the main research results and engineering application,reviewed the identification data. After serious discussion and inquiry, all the experts agreed on the acceptance of the project.

The project has independently developed a high power plasma generator with the power from 250KW to 300KW, a smart wind stable-combustion combustion system and a steady combustion burner applied to low reactivity coal, whichset up a Pulverized coal combustion test-bed of 1-1, realized pulverized coal with low volatile value from 12% to 15% ignition burning.The project has been application in Xisaishan, tieling power plant after the acceptance test, successfully realized the burning of high moisture lignite, non-oil ignition of  Low volatile lean coal units.