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Traction Power Supply Integrated Automation System in Successful Application in H-D Line 2012-12-01

The first newly built express railway inalpineregion in the world—Haerbin-Dalian passenger line (HD line in short) is in official use in Dec 1, 2012. Commenced in Aug 23, 2007 with total investment reaching nearly 100 billion Yuan and overall length of 921km, The HD line passes through Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang. The operation of the project has important significance on the said three provinces in promoting the quick flow of people, material and information, shortening space-time distance between the northeast three provinces and provincesinside Shanhaiguan Pass, and revitalizing theold northeastern industrial base of China.


Guodian Nanjing Automation Co., Ltd (SAC in short) of China Huadian Group, as the main supplier for domestic railway integrated substation automation system and urban rail transit monitoring system, contracts the supply and joint commissioning of traction power supply integrated automation products for 43 substations and distribution stations, which is another masterpiece succeeding Beijing-Shanghai express railway and Qinghai-Tibet Railway.


SAC is the first researcher and maker in China in making microcomputer protection set and computer monitoring system products for electric railway. The NDT650+ power supply automation system for express railway and rail transit applied in HD line is fully applicable to the unique AT power supply mode of Chinese express railway, which has reached leading level in the world. It possessesproprietary intellectual property rights and multiple core patents, which is in wide use in 10-plus passenger lines, such as Beijing-Shanghai express railway, Shanghai-Nanjing express railway, Chengdu-Dujiangyan express railway etc. SAC rail transit electric monitoring system developed on its own is listed as Computer Information System Integrated Typical Solution (2010 edition) sponsored by China's Ministry of Industry andInformation Technology, which is the only solution selected in the industry in Jiangsu Province. The technology is to be further used in the urban rail transit construction in Nanjing for the upcoming Youth Olympic Games 2014.