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Hilly PV Power Station Built—Largest in Asia Successful Synchronization in One-go 2012-12-05

At 10:00, Dec 5, 2012, SAC first 10MWp solar cell array in Weidi, Yunnan successfully synchronizes in one go, which ranks the largest hilly synchronized PV power station in Asia.

Located in Weidi Town, Yongren County, Chuxiong Prefecture, Yunnan, the PV power station location is one of the best development zones for solar energy in Yunnan. The project with capacity of 50 MWp was approved in Jun 29, 2011, is contracted by Guodian Nanjing Automation Co., Ltd (SAC in short), and commenced in Jun 2, 2012 with first installed capacity being 40MWp. To ensure the successful achievement of the project construction objective, the owner, contractor, design institute, supervision company and construction company worked hard with concerted efforts and overcame numerous difficulties, reported of fresh successes kept in terms of project safety, quality and progress, such that the objective of creating excellent demo project move forward in steady manner to date.

Ever since the trial operation, under the leadership of trial operation command office, the project technical team based on the startup proposal requirement on solar cell array, closely coordinated with the operation team and completed the tests, commissioning and others with top quality in scientific, prudent and more-and-more perfect manner. The impulse test of all booster station equipment and 10Kv collector line was successfully conducted in one go in Dec 4, 2012, and the first 10MWp PV module successfully synchronized in one go in Dec 5, 2012, while the following 30MWp PV module will be built and synchronized in Jan 2013 end.

The successful synchronization of the Weidi PV power station plays demonstration role in building large-scale synchronization PV power station in hilly region, and exerts proactive and significant influence on advancing the growth of Yunnan solar power generation industry and equipment industry.