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Wind Power Will Contribute Greatly to Solving Global Energy Crisis 2012-10-08
It is widely recognized that human beings could not survive without electricity. However, currently, thermal energy remains to be the primary source for electricity generation and one thing we know for sure, coal will be exhausted after a considerable period of time. In addition, coal will generate a large amount of carbon dioxide during the power generation process, exerting great damage to the environment. We have been taking too much from the earth and we will continue to ask for more in the foreseeable future. Now what we have to do is to try our best to stop asking for more resources from earth and there is an approach guiding us to this goal: wind energy.
There are several advantages by utilizing wind power. First, wind energy does not pollute the environment. As a type of clean and renewable resource, wind power is extensively welcomed by many countries in the world. Second, wind farm functions to provide job opportunities for unemployed local residents. Wind farm could not only generate power but also serve to stabilize local economy, benefiting people in a variety of ways. Third, wind energy will not exhaust. Oil and coal will gradually become scarce as people are speeding up their exploitation pace, but wind is always there to be made the most use of.
Technology regarding to wind power utilization is pretty mature and wind power is on its way to promising people desirable economic return. As a type of satisfactory resource for further development, wind resource will contribute greatly to solving global energy crisis. It is estimated that the total amount of global wind resource equals to the energy generated by 1.08 thousand billion tons of coal. The already explored wind energy only accounts for a tiny part of global wind energy recourse. An authoritative report points out that global wind power is entering rapid expansion phase. Wind energy industry will maintain its annual growth rate of twenty percent and the total output value of wind energy will increase by five times compared to its current level in 2015. Compared to other energy forms, wind power is the most competitive energy source in terms of its technological maturity, economic feasibility and policy support.
As the global warming keeps deteriorating, many countries in the world are grasping the opportunity to establish wind farm, develop and utilize wind power to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, protect the earth and relieve global energy crisis. It is of no doubt that the rising wind power will provide an effective solution to today's energy problem.