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Wind Power Has a Bright Future 2012-09-25
As we all know, we need to use the electric power every day. Usually, we get electric power by burning coal. Since coal is a kind of non-renewable resource, we should save it and find other endless resources to make electric power for us.
When people see the miserable scenes caused by the typhoon, they know that the wind is a kind of clean and endless power resource. We should make full use of it and make more electric power for our society.
Actually, if we can make full use of the wind, we can really get a lot of good points. For example, we can save the limited natural resources such as the coal. If we use up the coal resource, the next generations cannot enjoy the convenience brought by coal. Besides, the balance of the nature will be broken. In addition, the Wind Power is renewable, so we can use it forever. We do not need to buy wind at all, so we can save a lot of money. What is more, it is very easy and cheap for us to build the wind power station. In this case, it is a very good idea for us to get power from endless wind.
People change the Wind Energy into mechanical energy, and then, they convert the mechanical energy to the electrical energy. This process is known as the wind power generation. Wind can drive the windmill blades and make them rotate, and at the same time, wind will speed up the speed through the gearbox. In this case, the wind can facilitate power generation.
Since wind power comes from the nature, and it is a kind of clean and renewable natural resource, we should know more about it and make full use of it. Usually, the windmills are set in the Wind Farm, so the windmills can get enough wind and generate a lot of electric power for us. This kind of way can really protect our environment because there is no pollution at all. When we burn the coal, we will get a lot of smoke and the smoke can do harm to the environment. If we choose to generate electric power by wind, we can not only save the natural resources, but also protect our valuable environment.
In a word, we are still trying our best to improve the technology of making full use of the Wind Power. In the future, we can smoothly use the wind to serve us.