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Advantages and Applications of Solar Energy 2012-08-29

In today's world, people have suffered from some serious disasters due to environmental pollution, such as acid rain, strong UV radiation, flood because of increasing sea water level, etc. Therefore, the whole world is looking for different natural energy sources available to the human being. A huge amount of coal and fuel are consumed for power supply every year, and they will be exhausted in the end. On the other hand, the chemical fuel will generate pollutants to the atmosphere and result in global warming. In order to solve the problems of the shortage of energy source and environmental pollution, people are looking into more environmentally friendly energy sources such as Wind Energy and Solar Energy.

Sun is the source to generate Solar Energy which is free, clean and inexhaustible. Solar Energy is a renewable source which has the production without emitting harmful pollutants or emissions to the environment. The traditional fossil fuel will generate greenhouse gases which cause global warming. Solar Energy technology has been very mature. The Solar Energy is collected by solar panels for being converted into electricity for home use. The solar panels can be used as long as 30 years if well maintained, and using Solar Energy can save a lot of cost on electricity consumption in the long run. The installation of the solar panels is very simple and easy, too.

Solar Energy has brought a lot of benefit for people's life. In the United States, a lot of families adopt the Solar Energy PV Power Generation System of the solar panels for collecting Solar Energy to produce electricity, and the electricity is used for day lighting, cooking, heating water, etc. The solar panels with the Solar Energy PV Power Generation System have a service life around 30 years. They only require regular cleaning for removing the dirt on the glazing of the panels. The Solar Energy is also used for industrial applications such as fluid heating, distillation, disinfection, conversion of saline water, high temperature process heating, etc., and it is also used for powering lighthouse signals, traffic signals, the warning lights on aircraft and even the power supply for spacecraft.

The Solar Energy has many applications in modern world. The cleanness and exhaustibility of the Solar Energy make it to be a new substitute for traditional power source. With the development of technology, the Solar Energy will be explored more and be used for more applications.