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Nanjing SAC Metso Control System Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company established by Guodian Nanjing Automation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called ‘SAC’), subsidiary company of China Huadian Corporation and Metso Automation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called ‘Metso’), a internationally renowned company located in Finland. The incorporation of the company is to a great step of China Huadian Corporation to vigorously develop its engineering technology business. The main business of the Company is to provide holistic solution of digitalized power plants.

The registered capital of the Company is RMB 67,160,000, and the ownership ratio is: 33% for Metso and 67% for SAC. The core business of the Company is : research and development, design, manufacture ,installation ,test, production engineering ,sales and export of the DCS system, power automation production ,power information system, providing the technical support, after-sale services, and related software product of the whole resolution of digital power plant, which may be used in coal-fired power plant, hydropower, petrochemical, metallurgy, cement industry etc. The Company will be the R&D,manufacture,engineering service center of SAC and Metso.

The company carry on the solid technical advantages from each investor's including the internationally leading technology of DCS source code and IPR, and the overall core technologies including relay protection, electrical control, process control and information management, to provide the holistic solution of new generation digitalized power plants; The Company is endowed with invaluable talent advantages with such a team of internationally qualified talents, of which, R&D researchers and designers are account for 80%, to provide a talent guarantee for the coming leap-forward development; With the diversified management advantages, the Company is to establish rigid quality management system, perfect after-sale service team and to supply the customers with reliable products; With the competitive market advantages from both parities, i.e. SAC’s influence in power and industry control field in china and Metso’s influence globally, the Company is ambitious in its marketing and extension of international business.

The development strategy of the Company is to create world-class power automation enterprise with market as its orientation and innovative R&D as its leading force. The company must play the key role in power automation industry of SAC, which will stick to the core values of ‘people oriented and win-win development’ to keep improving in scientific and technological innovation, to actively explore international market and to build good production reputation and brand image.

As the manufacture basement of high technology industry and R&D center of China Huadian Corporation, the Company will provide an integrated solution of ‘ boiler, turbine, electric, accessories and instrument’ for power plants, thanks to its advantages in power plant thermal control, electrical and information. It is sure leading the new trend of power plant automation and operation mode development, set up an express way for Chinese companies to enter international market, and play an crucial role in the merge of thermal control, electrical and information technologies.