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Vietnam Quang Ninh Power Station 4×300 MW Project

Vietnam Quang Ninh Power Station 4×300MW Project is a Sino-Vietnam cooperation project signed on October 31, 2005 during Hu Jingtao, General Secretary and President of the People’s Republic of China visiting Vietnam. The project was undertaken byShanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd., being the first oversea EPC project of Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd. The project was divided into two stages to build a 2×300 MW unit respectively. Vietnam Power Corporation, Vietnam Coal and Minerals Group and Vietnam Construction Import and Export Corporation jointly invested about $591 million dollars in the 1ststage, and totally about $ 1 billion dollars.

Guodian Nanjing New Energy Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully obtained electric precipitation control system subproject of Quang Ninh Power Station, depending on their solid performance and advanced technology in electric precipitation power and control field for many years. The project contains 4 sets of double-room four-electric field of 2×300 MW unit for each stage, and 32 sets of high-voltage power supply and control devices and supporting monitoring system. There are totally 64 sets of high-voltage power supply and control devices, 80 panels and 4 sets of monitoring systems for the two stages. The project is the largest oversea energy-saving and environmental-protection project of our company so far. The project has strict requirements and enjoys long time span and many partners.