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Uzbekistan Substation Project

Uzbekistan (Tu Ku Maqi – An Gelin) electrified modification project is a general contract project undertaken by China CREC Railway Electrification Bureau Group in Middle Asia as the first construction technology subject. The project consists of project design, equipment purchasing and turnkey construction project. The project scale is to newly construct electrified line of 84.4 km (single line). As a cooperator of secondary equipment, Guodian Nanjing Automation Rail Transit Engineering Company provides a complete set of micro-computer protective devices, monitoring system and AC/DC system for three traction substations and three section posts. The project adopts NDT 650 traction substation automation system with proprietary intellectual property rights of Guodian Nanjing Automation Rail Transit Engineering Company, covers power transmission and distribution wire protection, transformer protection, capacitor protection, BZT and measurement control system for various substations in railway power supply system, and provides complete solutions for traction substation, switching station and section post to realize automation.