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Myanmar Project

KUN Hydropower Station is about 220 km in the northeast to Yangon City, capital of Burma. The station is equipped with three water turbine generating units with the single-machine capacity of 20 MW, totally 60 MW. The station is connected with the local power system through two 230 kV circuits. The 230 kV system is wired by single bus with two sections separated by an isolation switch. The generator’s voltage is 11 kV and the generator and transformer are wired with one machine and one transformer layout. Each generator is connected with main substation through outlet breaker. The high-voltage side breaker of three main substations is connected with corresponding 230 kV bus. The station adopts computer monitoring system to monitor all equipment of the station.

The company is responsible for supplying and debugging secondary equipment for protection, monitoring and auxiliary machine. The power station can be monitored without workers on-duty (few people on-duty) and currently has been put into operation.