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Industrial Waste Water Treatment

Indonesian Belden 1×660MW subcritical coal-fired generating unit power plant project is the first export project of 600 MW level coal-fired power station unit in China. At present, the project has entered 30-day reliable operation. Our company undertakes industrial waste water treatment with a capacity of 100m3/h. The system has integrated main-stream configurations such as PH adjusting boxes, coagulation and flocculation boxes, clarification and condensation pools, aeration system, filling system and sludge treatment system, operates through in-place/remote switching of the system in PLC workstation. The system operates stably and reliably, with various indexes (PH and turbidity) complying with discharge standards, and is appreciated by Indonesian owner and general contractor Harbin Electrical International Project Co. Ltd. The project fully embodies the strength and level of Nanjing Automation Kelin System Project Co., Ltd. in the execution of 600MW level unit project, which has significant meaning for Nanjing Automation Kelin System Project Co., Ltd. even Guodian to develop power market in Southeast Asia.