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Brand Story

Guodian Nanjing Automation Co., Ltd. (also known as SAC) witnessed China's electric utility industry becoming prosperous and powerful step by step. The development course of SAC is the very epitome of the development history of China's electric utility industry. SAC's excellent brand culture becomes a strong intellectual impetus for SAC to leap forward and enrich the brand connotation and quality of SAC.

I. Building Brand-cored Management Idea

Guodian Nanjing Automation Co., Ltd. insists on taking the strategic objective of brand development as the leading factor and considers brand building as an enterprise operation strategy to boost independent innovation by brand strategy. SAC centers on the strategic objective of brand development and implements the brand leading strategy to push forward the core concept of "people-oriented and all-win development". With the strategic development mode of "two-wheel drive, tripartite confrontation, innovative management and great leap forward on development", and brand and technological superiority, as well as financing platform of listed company, the great-leap-forward development is realized. SAC is dedicated to building three major business blocks: electric power automation industry, new energy and energy saving and emission reduction industry, and intelligent primary equipment industry, improving the popularity, awareness and reputation of SAC brand in an all-round way and gaining approval from the public and trust and support from the government and associated parties of products. SAC spares no effort to bring brand building into play in guaranteeing scientific development of the Company, set about brand internationalization, speed up in building a first-class brand, enhance staff's brand awareness and explore the social value of company brand work constantly.

II. Innovation is the Core to Build a First-class Brand

Innovation is an everlasting theme in high-tech enterprises and innovation capacity determines the depth and breadth of enterprise brand. Having researched and produced China's first and second generation static relay protection products in electric power automation field and created multiple first items in China, SAC keeps a leading position in the industry and is honored the cradle of China's electric power automation. There is a shining brand – "SAC" in projects ranging from Guilin 500KV digital substation, the first to meet IEC61850 standard, to Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway that breaks the record of the highest speed in world railway, from video monitoring for review of troops on National Celebration of the 60th Anniversary to Beijing Olympic Games attracting worldwide attention and Guangzhou Asian Games, from assistance in Wenchuan and Yushu construction to rescue in Pakistan flood, and even Asahan hydropower project of group company. Since 2007, in order to adapt to new development needs, SAC has carried out a series of significant strategic reforms and organizational adjustment, devoted major efforts to boost technological innovation in a market-oriented way, carried out the strategy of “strengthening an enterprise through talents” unshakably, and deepened system and mechanism innovation, so that SAC’s scientific and technological level and market image have been improved greatly, management and control mode optimized continuously, development foundation fully stabilized, team aspect changed and comprehensive strength increased greatly. SAC has stepped on a higher development platform.

III. Sparing No Effort to Pursue Outstanding Product Quality

SAC regards quality as the most important thing and aims to build its brand with high quality by following the concept of "quality is the life of an enterprise".

SAC's production management and facilities are of world class. Being one of the largest production bases of protective relay and automation productions at home, SAC owns advanced SMT production lines, through-hole module production lines, complete machine assembly lines and protective paint lines at home, being production lines with the most advanced equipments imported during the tenth five-year plan, the most complete configuration and the best matching of automation and flexible work. High reliability of product quality of SAC is guaranteed with scientific and reasonable production process, strict quality assurance system, environment management and occupational safety and health management system that meet international standards, nation-level inspection and test center, rigorous quality inspection points, full-automation one-board, one-machine and system inspection and test means.

IV. Internationalization Strategy Improving Brand Competitiveness

Following State Grid and China Huadian Corporation who devote major efforts to carrying out "going global" strategy, SAC also takes a solid step forward on internationalization. Currently, SAC has accumulated a lot of experience in international projects such as the transmission and transformation turnkey project in Ethiopia, Asahan hydropower station protection in Indonesia, electrostatic precipitator electric control system in Vietnam, urban rail transit in Iran and Russia, etc. and started the SAC's brand internationalization, which lays a solid foundation for fast development of future international businesses.

SAC's development strategy of international businesses can be summarized as three words – "aid, cooperation and export". "Aid" means to "go global with the aid of others", namely to finish market work at home and realize product sales with the aid of the marketing networks of similar international companies in foreign markets; "cooperation" means "cooperation between excellent enterprises", to grasp the opportunity when transnational companies enter into Chinese market and excellent companies at home expand its international businesses through cooperation in stock rights, to realize complementary advantages and cooperative win-win, especially to let our products "go global" with the aid of large international companies' marketing channels and brand influence abroad; "export" means to export technologies and gain market, to build SAC a world brand by buying shares of foreign companies with technologies.