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Indonesian BATAM TJK 2×65MWcoal-fired power plant is located on Batam Island (which is to the north of Java Island and to the south of Singapore) in the north area of Indonesia. The project newly constructs 2×65 MW high-temperature and high-voltage sea-water direct flow cooling condensing turbine generating units and two sets of 267t/h high-temperature and high-voltagepulverized coalboilers. The planning capacity of the power plant is 4×65 MW.

Indonesian BATAM TJK 2×65MWcoal-fired power plant adopts auxiliary workshop control network (including water network, coal network and ash network).Nanjing Automation Kelin System Project Co., Ltd. undertakes the auxiliary workshop PLC (water network and coal network) system and plant auxiliary network control system.Each auxiliary workshop mainly adoptsSchneider Quantum Series PLC & GE Proficy HMI/SCADA - iFIX to monitor the site equipment. PLC control system connects with plant auxiliary workshop control network through communication interface. The operators monitor the process and operating conditions of each system in auxiliary workshop and perform equipment operation, parameter and alarming display, form print and procedure on-line modification and fault diagnosis function through auxiliary network operator station in the main workshop.

At present, the project has developed into commissioning stage. And it's expected to deliver #1 unit for business operation on June 25, 2012 and # 2 unit for business operation on September 25, 2012.