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Oman Salara 5*65MW Gas-steam Combined

Oman Salalah project is a key project of Oman, which is the first project of Sino-Oman power cooperation. The project mainly consists of a gas-steam combined cycle power plant and a sea-water desalination plant. The project owner is Singapore Shengke Company and Oman Investment Company. The project is located in the south coast of Arabian Sea, about 25 km away from Salalah, provincial capital of Dhofar Province, Oman. It’s planned to design gas-steam combined cycle unit, including 5 sets of gas turbines and generators, 5 sets of heat recovery boilers, 2 sets of condensing gas turbine generating units, and a set of sea-water desalination system and relevant auxiliary equipment. The overall construction period of the project is 28 months. Combined cycle was completed and the whole project was delivered to the owner on March 28, 2012. Guodian Nanjing Automation Co., Ltd. provides the project with a complete set of gas turbine units, protective devices for generator-transformer units of gas turbine units and over 20 protective panels, which is the first large-scale application of DGT801 series generator-transformer protective devices in the Middle East.