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At present, Chongqing Haizhuang Company which the company shares has fully mastered the complete machine design technology of wind power which can cover different kinds of geological and climatic conditions on land in China and has owned the proprietary intellectual property rights. The 2MW turbine ranks second in domestic installed turbines, and it also has become mature mode with strong operation reliability in domestic WTGS. Its 850KW turbine has been widely applied on land and in mountain area; 2.5MW series turbine has been put into the final development stage, and 5MW turbine will come out at the beginning of 2012, which basically realizes the “overall covering” on same kind of products.

  • Box Transformer of WTGS

    Box Transformer of WTGS YBF series wind power transformer is a kind of special equipment which boosts 0.6-0.69kV voltage sent from WTGS to 10KV a...

  • PSWE Series WTGS Control System

    PSWE Series WTGS Control System Depending on the successful design and application experience of Guodian Nanjing Automation in distributed contro...