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Being a supplier of leading security and protection products and industry solution, SAC is dedicated in continuously improving video treatment technology and video analysis technology, provides leading safety and protection products , professional industry solution and high-quality service globally and creates more value for the customers continuously.

SAC owns leading proprietary core technology and sustainable research and development capacity in the industry, provides security and protection products such as camera/intelligent dome camera, optical transmitter and receiver, network storage, video comprehensive platform and central management software and provides appropriate breakdown products and industry solutions against power, safe city, prison, factory, premise, army, metallurgy, petroleum chemistry, steel and iron and campus network etc. These products and solutions are targeted at more countries and regions globally and has been widely used in major security and protection projects including Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo and the troop review in the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China.

Examples of important projects:

Guangdong Power Grid Huizhou Power Supply Bureau (system construction of video and environment monitoring main station of substation)

Guangdong Power Grid Huizhou Power Supply Bureau (system construction of video and environment monitoring main station of substation)

Comprehensive reconstruction of Qinjiandao 220Kv substation of Tianjin Power Corporation

Reconstruction of Gangfa 35Kv substation of Tianjin Power Corporation

Yangliyuan 110KV power transmission and transformation of Tianjin Power Corporation

Xinjiang Urumqi 110KV Qidaowan intelligent power transmission and transformation

Nanjing Yuanneng Power Project Co., Ltd. (capacity expansion reconstruction project of Nanjing Iron & Steel 220KV fifth chief stepdown substation)

Woyang Education Bureau campus security monitoring system

Suqian Experimental School

Jiangsu Technology Normal School

Jiangsu Power Corporation Suzhou Power School security and protection project

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