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SAC hydropower automation specialty applies itself to the secondary automation system integration of all kinds of large, medium and small hydropower stations, and provides overall solutions for smart hydropower stations as well as solutions to optimize the dispatching system of cascade hydropower stations in river basins. Currently, the company has reached domestic advanced level in the automatic hydrological data acquisition and transmission of hydropower station, inner river basin and rivers, automatic dispatching of cascade reservoir, automatic monitoring system of environmental water quality and pollution source, urban flood prevention information acquisition and early warning decision-making support, monitoring system of hydraulic dams, and application of comprehensive automatic monitoring and control system for hydropower stations.

Typical Projects

International Projects:

Myanmar KABUNG Hydropower Station, Vietnam Thai An Hydropower Station, Jurala Hydropower Station of India, Syria Tishrin Hydropower Station, Myanmar Myitsone Hydropower Station and Indonesia Asahan Hydropower Station.