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Since entering the HV & LV distribution field in 1988, SAC participated in the joint development of GGD AC low-voltage power distribution cabinet and GCS AC low-voltage drawer cabinet by two ministries (Ministry of Electric Power and Ministry of Machinery) in 1990s, being the first batch of manufacturers obtaining the "red certificate" issued by the two ministries and owning rich manufacturing experience and technologies; currently, SAC has the whole set of "3C" certificate of low-voltage set of products. With regard to medium and high voltage switchgear, SAC cooperates with French Schneider Electric, establishing a production line of SM6 and RM6 looped network cabinet products in our company, which are all manufactured in accordance with Schneider's management mode and technologies.
The distribution products of the company have covered power and electrical, chemical industry, steel, electrified railway, telecommunication, cement, coal mine and real estate and other industries, basically covering classes with rated current of 6000A and voltage of 24kV and above.